Creating Milestones


A milestone is a point in time that is in some way important to the project. Many project managers use milestones to mark the completion of phases within their projects, or to mark the delivery of a key deliverable . Use of milestones can make finding key points in the project easier, as well as highlighting a clear finishing point for phases.

Finding Milestones in a Project

graphics/one_icon.jpg By default, milestones are drawn on Gantt charts as solid black diamonds.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Tasks that have a Duration value of 0 are automatically milestones.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Any task with a value of Yes in the Milestone field is a milestone.

graphics/one_icon.jpg Select the task you want to make into a milestone.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Enter a Duration of 0 days for the task.

graphics/three_icon.jpg You can also edit the Milestone field to equal Yes.


Did You Know?

Tasks with a duration greater than 0 as a milestone can be confusing . If you mark a task that has a duration greater than 0 as a milestone, its Gantt bar will be drawn as a milestone symbol that falls on the task's start date.

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