Timing a Presentation


If you have a time limit for presenting your slide show, you can use PowerPoint's timing features to make sure that your presentation is not taking too long or going too fast. You can specify the amount of time given to each slide and test yourself during rehearsal using the slide meter , which ensures that your timings are workable . By rehearsing timings, you can vary the amount of time each slide appears on the screen. If you want the timings to take effect, make sure the show is set to use timings in the Set Up Show dialog box.

Set Timings Between All Slides


Click the Slide Show menu, and then click Slide Transition.


Select the Automatically After check box.


Enter the time (in seconds) before the presentation automatically advances to the next slide after displaying the entire slide.


Click Apply To All Slides.


When you're done, click the Close button on the task pane.


Create Timings Through Rehearsal


Click the Slide Show menu, and then click Rehearse Timings.


As the slide show runs, rehearse your presentation by clicking the mouse or pressing Enter to go the next slide.


Click Yes to accept the timings you just recorded.


Review the timings in Slide Sorter view.


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