Starting Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a web browser that you use to search the World Wide Web. You can start Internet Explorer using the Start menu, the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop, or the button on the Quick Launch toolbar on the taskbar. After you start Internet Explorer, you might need to connect to the Internet by selecting a dial-up or broadband service and entering a user name and password. The elements of the Internet Explorer window allow you to view, print, and search for information on the Internet. Once you establish a connection to the Internet, you are ready to explore web pages on the Internet.

Start Internet Explorer


Click the Start button, and then click Internet.

TIMESAVER Click the Launch Internet Explorer button on the Quick Launch toolbar.

graphics/two_icon.jpg If necessary, click Connect to dial your ISP. You might need to type your user name and password before Internet Explorer will connect to the Internet.

The Internet Explorer window opens.


Did You Know?

You can find Internet Explorer on the All Programs submenu . If Internet Explorer doesn't appear on the left column of the Start menu, it's available on the All Programs submenu.

See Also

See " Displaying and Arranging Toolbars " on page 98 for information on displaying the Quick Launch toolbar.

See " Customizing the Start Menu " on page 102 for information on showing Internet Explorer on the Start menu.

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