Organizing Clips into Categories

The clips that come with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 are already organized, but if you've added clips without organizing them, it's probably hard to find what you need in a hurry. The Microsoft Clip Organizer sorts clip art images, pictures, sounds, and motion clips into categories. The Clip Organizer allows you to organize and select clips from Microsoft Office, from the Web, and from your personal collection of clips. To help you locate a clip quickly, you can place it in one or more categories. You can also assign one or more keywords to a clip and modify the description of a clip. When you add media files, Clip Organizer automatically creates new sub-collections under My Collections. These files are named after the corresponding folders on your hard disk. To help you find clips later on, Clip Organizer also creates search keywords based on the file's extension and folder name .

Categorize a Clip


Click the Insert Clip Art button on the Drawing toolbar, and then click Organize Clips at the bottom of the Clip Art task pane.


In Clip Organizer, click the File menu, point to Add Clips To Organizer, and then click On My Own.


Locate the folder that contains the clip you want to add, and then select the clip.


Click the Add To button, and then click the collection to which you want to add the clip, or click New to create a new folder. Click OK.


Click Add.


Did You Know?

You can create a new collection . In the Clip Organizer, click the File menu, click New Collection, type a new collection name, and then click OK.

Change Clip Properties


Click the Insert Clip Art button on the Drawing toolbar.


In the Clip Art task pane, click Organize Clips.


Find and point to the clip you want to categorize or change the properties of, click the list arrow, and then click one of the following:

  • Click Copy To Collection to place a copy of the clip in another category.

  • Click Move To Collection to move the clip to another category.

  • Click Edit Keywords to edit the caption of the clip and to edit keywords used to find the clip.


Click Close to close the Clip Organizer dialog box.


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