Loading and Unloading Add-Ins


To increase your efficiency, Excel includes a variety of add-ins ”programs that are included with Excel but not essential to its functionality. Some of these supplemental programs are useful to almost anyone using Excel. Others, such as the Analysis ToolPak, add customized features, functions, or commands for use in financial, statistical, engineering or other highly specialized fields. Before you can use an Excel add-in, you need to load it first. The first time you load an add-in, you may need to install it using the Office 2003 CD. When you load an add-in, the feature may also add a command to a menu. You can load one or more add-ins. If you no longer need an add-in, you should unload it to save memory and reduce the number of commands on the Tools or Data menu. When you unload an add-in, you also need to restart Excel to remove an add-in command from a menu.

Load or Unload Add-Ins


Click the Tools menu, and then click Add-Ins.


If the add-in you want to use is not listed, click Browse, and then locate the add-in you want.


To load an add-in, select the check box next to the add-in you want to load, or to unloaded an add-in, clear the check box.


Click OK.


Either follow the setup instructions to load the add-in, or and click Yes to restart Excel to remove the add-in from the menu.



Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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