When you're ready to share data with others, a worksheet might not be the most effective way to present the information. A page full of numbers , even if formatted attractively, can be hard to understand and perhaps a little boring. Microsoft Office Excel 2003 makes it easy to create and modify charts so that you can effectively present your information. A chart , also called a graph, is a visual representation of selected data in your worksheet.

A well-designed chart draws the reader's attention to important data by illustrating trends and highlighting significant relationships between numbers. Excel generates charts based on data you select; the Chart Wizard makes it easy to select the best chart type, design elements, and formatting enhancements for any type of information.

Once you create a chart, you might find you want to change your chart type to see how your data displays in a different style. You can move and resize your chart, and you can even draw on your chart to highlight achievements. Other formatting elements are available to assure a well designed chart.

Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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