Finding and Replacing Formatting


The Find and Replace commands make it easy to locate or replace specific text, numbers , and formatting in a workbook. For example, you might want to replace all the references to cell A6 in your formulas with data contained in cell H2, or you might want to replace bold text with italic text. Or, you may want to change a client name or contact on all of your financial reports . You can be specific in your replacing, by replacing one at a time, or all matches found.

Find or Replace Formatting


Click the Edit menu, and then click Find or Replace.


Enter the word or words you want to find.


Click Options to display formatting options. If necessary, click Format, and then click Clear Formatting From Cell to clear previous criteria.


Click Format, specify the formatting you want to locate, and then click OK.


Click Find Next to find the formatting options you specified.


To replace text and formatting, click the Replace tab, and then enter the word or words you want to replace in the Replace With text box.


Click the Replace With Format button, specify the formatting you want to replace, and then click OK.


Click Find Next to select the next instance of the formatted text or click Replace or Replace All to substitute formatting.



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