Viewing a Data Access Page

Once you create a data access page, you can open it from within the database or from your Web browser. If you choose to view the page in your browser, the browser will connect to the database and retrieve the information needed to display the page. The data access page contains a navigation box to help you retrieve the database records. The navigation box works in the browser the same way it works within Access. This tool allows you to move forward and backward through the database records, filter the data, sort it, or search for specific values.

View a Data Access Page


In the Database window, click Pages on the Objects bar.

graphics/2_icon.jpg Double-click the data access page you want to view.

The page appears in a separate window.


Did You Know?

You can select data to copy . When you select data to copy, you can select an entire row or a single cell , but not multiple cells within a single row.

Preview a Data Access Page in a Web Browser


In the Database window, open a data access page from the list of pages.

graphics/2_icon.jpg Click the File menu, and then click Web Page Preview.

Access starts your Web browser, loading the data access page.


Use the navigation box to review and modify the data.


Did You Know?

You can choose a Web browser for your data access page . You must use Internet Explorer 5.0 or later to view a data access page.

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