Changing the Page Setup


Once you have created a report or form, you can change the page setup, which includes the margin, paper size and orientation, and grid and column settings. Margins are the blank space between the edge of a page and the text. You can also select the page orientation (portrait or landscape) that best fits the entire page or any section. Portrait orients the page vertically (taller than it is wide), and landscape orients the page horizontally (wider than it is tall). When you shift between the two, the margin settings automatically change.

Change Page Setup Options


In the Database window, click the report, form, table, query, or any data you want to preview.


Click the File menu, and then click Page Setup.


To change margin settings, click the Margins tab, and then change the top, bottom, left, or right margins you want.


To change paper settings, click the Page tab, and then select the orientation (portrait or landscape), paper size and source, and printer for vendor labels you want.


To change column settings, click the Columns tab, and then change or select the column and row grid settings, column size, and column layout (Down, Then Across or Across, Then Down) you want.


Click OK.


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Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
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