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programming microsoft 2.0 applications: advanced topics
Programming Microsoft ADO.NET 2.0 Applications: Advanced Topics
by Glenn Johnson 
Microsoft Press 2006 (528 pages)

Targeting experienced, professional software developers who design and develop enterprise applications, this authoritative reference delves into more than a dozen beyond-the-basics topics such as ObjectSpaces, the DataView control, and security issues.

Table of Contents
Programming Microsoft ADO.NET 2.0 Applications Advanced Topics
Chapter 1 - Overview of ADO.NET Disconnected Classes
Chapter 2 - Overview of ADO.NET Connected Classes
Chapter 3 - ADO.NET Trace Logging
Chapter 4 - Advanced Connectivity to the Data Store
Chapter 5 - Working with Disconnected Data
Chapter 6 - Working with Relational Disconnected Data
Chapter 7 - Working with the Windows Data Grid Control
Chapter 8 - Working with the Web Data Grid Control
Chapter 9 - Working with the SQLCLR
Chapter 10 - Understanding Transactions
Chapter 11 - Retrieving Metadata
Chapter 12 - Data Caching for Performance
Chapter 13 - Implementing Security
Chapter 14 - Working with Large Objects (LOBs, BLOBs, and CLOBs)
Chapter 15 - Working with XML Data


Programming Microsoft ADO. NET 2.0 Applications. Advanced Topics
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