In Brief

  • COM is a long-established programming technique that was designed to meet many of the same needs as the .NET runtime.

  • Although .NET components are the preferred technology for new development, you might need to create or support COM components for existing applications.

  • ATL makes creating COM components relatively simple, and the #import directive creates smart pointers to help you use those components.

  • To use a COM component from managed code, create a Runtime-Callable Wrapper by adding a reference on the COM tab.

  • To use a .NET component from COM code, export the type library, sign the assembly, add it to the GAC, and register the assembly, and then use the #import directive in your COM code.

  • Mixed assemblies that use the C runtime libraries need special treatment when importing the typelib generated from the assembly.

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Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003 Kick Start
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