Creating File Descriptor

The file creates a file descriptor class that stores the description of a particular file.

Listing 3-2 shows the content of the file:

Listing 3-2: The File
start example
 /* Imports the package class. */ import; /* class FileInfo - This class stores the file description, such as file index, file name, and file size. Fields: fileIndex - Contains the file name. fileName - Contains the file path. fileSize - Contains the file size. */ public class FileInfo implements Serializable {    /* Declares the objects of String class. */    String fileIndex;    String fileName;    String fileSize;    /* Defines default constructors. */    public FileInfo(String fileIndex, String fileName, String fileSize)    {       this.fileIndex = fileIndex;       this.fileName = fileName;       this.fileSize = fileSize;    } } 
end example

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In the above code, the FileInfo() constructor creates the file descriptor class. The fileName, filePath, and fileSize strings contain the file name, file location, and file size, respectively.

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