Installing DB2

The CD included with this book includes a trial version of DB2 UDB Enterprise Server Edition version 8.2 for Windows.

The install program is located in <CDROM>:\db2\setup.exe.

If you are new to DB2, start by reading through Appendix A, "Getting Started with DB2." After you install DB2, create the DB2 SAMPLE database (also explained in Appendix A) because the examples presented in this book will make use of it. The SAMPLE database is provided as part of the DB2 (Linux, UNIX, and Windows) installation. For DB2 iSeries and DB2 zSeries, the CD contains scripts to create the SAMPLE database so that all examples can be demonstrated in a consistent environment.

The CD also provides all code samples listed in this book in directories associated with each platform by chapter. For example, the code snippets for DB2 LUW for Chapter 4 are located in the file <CDROM>:\samples\LUW\LUWchpt4CD.sql.

Now that you've installed the necessary files, lean back, and read on to begin your journey...

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