This chapter has described several methods for deploying SQL procedures. The deployment of SQL procedures for DB2 LUW and zSeries was grouped into one section because the DB2 Development Center can be used for both. One simple method described was exporting the procedure DDL via the DB2 Development Center, and then using the DB2 Command Line Processor to import it into the target database. The different issues that you can face when deploying procedures across multiple releases of DB2 were covered. DB2 for LUW specific issues, such as code pages and backup and recovery, were presented. The CLP commands GET ROUTINE and PUT ROUTINE were also shown as an alternative for deployment, in environments where the code needs to be hidden, or when working with earlier releases of DB2 for LUW that required a C compiler.

The deployment of SQL procedures for DB2 for iSeries was covered separately because they can be deployed differently. SQL procedures for iSeries can be deployed using the DB2 Development Center, which is used for DB2 LUW and for zSeries, and also the IBM iSeries Navigator tool. Finally, the differences in deployment methods specific to iSeries were discussed.

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