Throughout this book, you will create Visual Basic .NET and C# programs and ASP.NET pages that interact with web services. In this chapter, you learned how to use a special software program, called the Webservice behavior, to let your HTML files call the methods a web service provides. To use the Webservice behavior, you first need to attach the software to an HTML tag, such as the <body> tag, using the id and style attributes. Then, JavaScript code you place within your HTML file can interact with the web service methods.

When the web service returns a value to HTML file, the browser will call the file’s onResult handler, a function that provides statements that extract the web service’s result. If the web service encounters an error and generates an exception, the statements can detect the error using the error object.

Across the Web, many companies now offer web services that provide programmers with a way to interact with the services the site provides. In this chapter, you learned how to use services offered by Google, which include search engine capabilities and spell checking. In Chapter 4, you will learn take a closer look at several of the protocols that work behind the scenes to make web services work.

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