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One thing Lydia needs to do with her monthly reports is distribute them by email to each of the branch managers. However, she has had some major problems when attempting this in the past.

Every once in a while when I send the presentations out by email, the presentation file becomes corrupt by the time the branch manager opens it. What's happening and what can I do?

While sending via email is built into the Send To menu, it is not usually a good idea to send presentations this way. In PowerPoint 2002 or later, sending email directly from PowerPoint may turn on the Compare Document option. Since this will increase the presentation size , I recommend doing the send from outside PowerPoint. Use one of the zip tools to package the presentation, which can greatly reduce the likelihood of file corruption. Because you should already be working with files in the same folder, zipping them is easy.

In Windows XP and later, right-click on the folder containing the presentation and its associated files. Then choose Send to Compressed ( zipped ) folder. Windows creates a compressed version of the folder and names the file with the same name as the folder name , followed by an extension of ".zip."

On operating systems earlier than Windows XP, you need to get a copy of one of the compression utilities. I recommend using WinZip. It is the most popular, which makes it likely recipients will be able to uncompress the files. WinZip can be found at

You probably won't notice any significant change in file size after compression. When PowerPoint saves files, it generally does a good job of compressing the data into the smallest space possible. When compressing the folder for emailing, there may not be any compression occurring with the PowerPoint file itself; most size changes are from the compression of the other files in the folder.

Once the files are zipped, create a new email message, attach the zipped file, make any changes desired to the email and send it to the recipients.

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