Setting Time Criteria

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The Search window is divided into three separate areas. The first area, Time, allows you to specify what timeframe you would like Digital Performer to look in when conducting a search.

Setting Value Criteria

One of the options when selecting the time criteria is to search by value. Using this method, you specify a specific search range.







Setting Other Time Criteria

If you don't want to search within a time period that you specify, Digital Performer offers a variety of other Time criteria to select from.



  • All Time. Selecting this will conduct the search throughout the entire track.

  • Metric Grid. This will allow you to specify certain grid locations to conduct your search.

  • Selection Range. If you made a selection prior to conducting your search, selecting this option will conduct the search within the selection.

  • From Counter to Chunk End. This will start the search at the current counter location and continue to the end of the chunk.

  • From Chunk Start to Counter. This will start the search at beginning of the chunk and continue until it reaches the current counter location.

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