Recipe 2.12 Displaying More Resource Information with Icons


2.12.1 Problem

You want to turn on label decorators to get additional information about icons and buttons .

2.12.2 Solution

Select Window Preferences Workbench Label Decorations.

2.12.3 Discussion

Label decorations augment the standard Eclipse icons displayed in various views. For example, if you archive a code file in a CVS repository and have label decorations turned on, the file's icon displays a small gold cylinder that isn't there otherwise .

To turn on label decorations, select Window Preferences Workbench Label Decorations, and select which decoration you want to use, as shown in Figure 2-10.

Figure 2-10. Selecting label decorations

We're going to use label decorations with Eclipse and CVS in Chapter 6. Once you've turned on label decorations, you can see at a glance which files have been stored in the CVS repository.

2.12.4 See Also

Recipe 6.6 on labeling files using version control.

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