Recipe 2.3 Accessing Any Project File


2.3.1 Problem

Many perspectives will hide files; you want to get access to a specific file (or files) in your project.

2.3.2 Solution

The Navigator view in the Resource perspective gives you access to all the files in a project, without exception.

2.3.3 Discussion

Some perspectives hide files. For example, Eclipse stores project information in an XML file named .project , but many views, such as the Java perspective's Package Explorer, will hide that file. The .project file for a sample project open in the Resource perspective is shown in Figure 2-4.

Figure 2-4. Using the Resource perspective

Some Java-oriented perspectives also support the Navigator view. Many Java programmers ignore the Resource perspective completely, but some Java-oriented views will hide various files from you. To get access to them all, don't forget about the Navigator view; it's always available in the Resource perspective as well as in some of the Java perspectives.

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