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UIPPermission (code access permissions)  
Unary operators
Uninstall method
       ServiceInstaller objects  
       ServiceProcessInstaller objects  
       Windows services   2nd  
Unique property
       DataColumn objects  
unsafe keyword
       pointers   2nd  
Update method
       DataAdapter objects  
Update property
       DbDataAdapter objects  
UpdateAuthors method
       Web services   2nd   3rd  
UpdateCommand property
       OleDbDataAdapter objects  
UpdatedRowSource property
       OleDbCommand objects  
URLIdentityPermission (identity permissions)  
user controls   [See also Web user controls]
               determining   2nd   3rd  
       creating   2nd  
       events   2nd   3rd   4th  
        methods   2nd   3rd  
       properties   2nd   3rd   4th  
       references   2nd  
       toolbox, adding to  
       Web applications, adding to   2nd  
       Windows applications, adding to   2nd   3rd  
User property
       WebService objects  
Username property
       ServiceProcessInstaller objects  
using keyword
       dispose methods
using statements  
       ping utility
               finding IP addresses  

Microsoft Visual C#. NET 2003 Kick Start
Microsoft Visual C#.NET 2003 Kick Start
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