Alternative Methods of Organizing Material


There are alternative ways to break down material for quicker access. For example, you can place it in the Viewer, set In and Out points, and drag it from the Viewer to the Browser. The benefit is that you don't have to worry about removing subclip limits if you edit from these "subclips." They allow you to access certain shots quicker than just searching long clips, and you can rename them as well. But they are not true subclips ; they are copies of your master clip with In and Out points. The use of the scrubber bar becomes more problematic , because it is tougher to scroll within objects created this way, especially if it's a short subclip contained in a very long source clip. If you use the method described in the Tip, you gain the ability to scrub more efficiently , and you won't be bothered with removing subclip limits.

There is another negative thing about organizing using any other method. Methods other than creating true subclips leave items with the wrong iconsmaster clip icons. You never want confusion about this. If clips have similar names , they could be confused with master clips.

When you make subclips from subclips, you retain the ability to see a proper icon. Removing subclip limits also allows this new subclip to access all the media associated with the original medium of the capture it's contained in, not just the media from its original subclip.

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