Appendix B. Output Options: Videotape, DVDs, and the Web


With Final Cut Pro you can output to any videotape format (with the proper hardware). DV cameras and decks allow analog recordings directly from your computer to VHS or other analog format passing the DV signal in from the FireWire input to your camera or deck and connecting your DV devices output to the input of the analog recorder. If you have a capture card, consulting with its manufacturer is the best advice I can give for more specifics of hardware setup. (Usually it's just a driver you need to install that supplies presets for your capture card.)

Exporting to a videotape from your computer when you are done editing is really accomplished in one of three ways. You can manually record your output to videotape when viewing video externally, you can use the Print to Video command, or you can use the Edit to Tape command. Each of these methods produces the same resulta copy of your program to tape. There is no advantage in picture quality between them, but you should perform an audio mixdown before you attempt a manual output to relieve bandwidth your computer needs to mix the audio tracks in real time.

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