Getting Help

If you have a troublesome problem and feel you need help to figure it out, you can look to several places. First of all, make sure you have read the relevant sections of the online manual at

Several MySQL mailing lists cover a wide range of topics, and lists are available for regional user groups and different languages. Check for the latest mailing liststhere will almost certainly be one where you can ask for assistance.

MySQL AB provides technical support for an annual fee with various service levels for those who need the assurance of having somewhere to turn when things do go wrong. All support packages include access to the MySQL Knowledge Base, a searchable library of technical articles that often gives you the answers you need very quickly.

The higher levels of support include 24hour, 7daysaweek telephone assistance, guaranteed emergency response time, and remote troubleshooting by a MySQL expert. For more information, see

MySQL Phrasebook. Essential Code and Commands
MySQL Phrasebook
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