Section .5. Flash 8 Basic Versus Professional

.5. Flash 8 Basic Versus Professional

As stated in the Preface and throughout this text, several of the projects herein assume you are using, or evaluating, Flash 8 Professional. Table A-1, featured in Macromedia's product literature, itemizes features included in each version.

Table A.1. Comparison of Flash 8 Professional and Flash 8 Basic

Flash 8 Professional

Flash 8 Basic



Filters (Graphic Effects)


Blend Modes


Advanced Easing Control for Animation


ActionScript 2.0

Object-based Drawing Mode

FlashType Text Rendering Engine

(advanced options)


PDF and EPS (Adobe Illustrator 10)



Data Components


UI Components

(advanced set)

( basic set)

Mobile Authoring


Publish to Flash Lite


Interactive Mobile Device Emulator


Mobile Templates


External Players


MIDI Ring Tone Support


Professional Video


Embedded Video

External Video


Advanced Video Import Workflow


Advanced Video Component


Stand-alone Video Encoder


Flash Video Exporter Plug-in for QuickTime


Advanced Encoding Options


Embedded Cue Points for FLV Files


Alpha Channel Support


User Experience


Script Assist (Formerly Called "Normal Mode")

Advanced Library

Spell Checking and Search/Replace

Advanced Video Component


Project Panel


Extensibility Architecture

SWF Metadata


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