Diagnostic Commands and Tools

CiscoWorks Common Services has an extensive debug utility for diagnosing problems related to Common Services or any management console. The name of the utility is MDCSUPPORT. This utility collects registry information, log files, configuration settings, and host environment information, and any other relevant data, into a deliverable Zip file to support the MDCs that have been installed.

The MDCSupport.exe utility is a console application, which takes one optional command line argument, which is the output path/location of where the Zip file should be located. If no arguments are specified, the output goes to <CoreRoot>\etc. Otherwise, the output goes to the directory that is specified by the argument.

How to Collect mdcsupport on a Windows Platform

Work through the steps that follow to collect the mdcsupport file on Windows platform:

Step 1.

Open the MS-DOS command prompt window by going to Start> Run > Enter cmd and clicking OK.

Step 2.

The command prompt window opens. Enter MDCSupport at the prompt. Then press Enter.

Step 3.

The MDCSupport utility creates a .zip (MDCSupportInformation.zip) file that contains your CiscoWorks Common Services configuration data and log files. The default directory of the .zip file is \CSCOpx\MDC\etc


MDCSupportInformation.zip is created by default in the \CSCOpx\MDC\etc directory. To change the location of the .zip file, enter MDCSupport drive:\path at the command prompt.

Categorization and Explanation of MDCSupport-Created Log Files

The best way to analyze the MDCSupportInformation.zip file is to open it by double-clicking it, and then sorting the files by size and examining the bigger files first. However, it is important to understand which files are responsible for which task, so that you can discover the problem on a specific component of the software more quickly.

Hence the sections that follow discuss different files that go into the making of the MDCSupportInformation.zip file:

  • Installation log After you unzip the MDCSupportInformation.zip file, the installation log files are located on the base directory. For example if you unzip the file in D:\drive, then these log files can be found in D:\MDCSupportInformation directory. The names of the installation log files are in the format of Ciscoworks_setupxxx (for example, the name of the first installation log file is Ciscoworks_setup001). These files are created on the root directory of the drive where the Windows 2000 Operating System is installed.

  • D:\MDCSupportInformation\PROGRA~1\CSCOpx\MDC directory In this directory, you will see Apache and other logs, and the tomcat directory.

  • D:\MDCSupportInformation\PROGRA~1\CSCOpx\MDC\apache directory This directory contains the configuration and log information about the Apache web server. Configuration information goes to the conf directory and log goes to logs directory. So, if you have issues with connecting to the CiscoWorks Common Services using a browser, always analyze the files in the logs directory. This is one of the two web servers for CiscoWorks Common Services. It works in conjunction with Tomcat (the second web server) for Java Servlet execution. If you want to find connection information between the Apache and the Tomcat web server, look at the connector log, which is mod_jk.log.

  • D:\MDCSupportInformation\PROGRA~1\CSCOpx\MDC\tomcat directory This directory contains conf, logs, and mdc directories. Of all three, the log directory contains the most important information for isolating a problem. In that directory, search for "exception" errors in the stderr.log, and search for "error" in the stdout.log file.

  • D:\MDCSupportInformation\PROGRA~1\CSCOpx\MDC\log directory This directory contains audit logs and Common Services log files.

  • D:\MDCSupportInformation\PROGRA~1\CSCOpx\MDC\etc directory This directory contains an extensive diagnostic log. In this directory MDCSupport.log contains a log of what has been collected by the MDCSupport utility, and any errors that have been encountered. mdcsupporttemp directory contains information about different management console (MCs), which are discussed in their respective chapters. Application and System Event Logs are also part of the same directory.

Following is the summary of what is collected by the MDCSupport tool:

  • Database files.

  • Configuration files and MDCSupport log file.

  • Apache configuration and log files.

  • Tomcat configuration and log files.

  • Installation, audit, and operation log files.

  • The CiscoWorks Common Services Registry subtree ([HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE][SOFTWARE][Cisco][MDC]).

  • Windows System Event and Application Event log files.

  • Host environment information (operating system version and installed service packs, amount of RAM, disk space on all volumes, computer name, and virtual memory size).

  • Process information.

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