Appendix B: Software Used in This Book

Apache Downloads

The Apache Web Services tools require multiple downloads to get them to work. The price for using shareware is that you don’t get a simple installation program. The installation of both Apache SOAP and Apache Access is not difficult but it is time consuming.

Follow the directions for installation found in Chapters 7 and 8.

Apache Axis

Available at:

This is a complete rewrite of the Apache SOAP library. Many of the features make it easier to integrate with .NET. Many of the features also provide functionality to make it much easier to call Web Services in general.

Apache SOAP

Available at:

Although this edition is out of date, Apache Axis, at the time of this writing, still isn’t officially released. Therefore, you may be required to use this version until the first release of Axis. You may also encounter many legacy applications written with Apache SOAP.

Apache Tomcat

Available at:

Tomcat runs all the server-side Java code that appears in this book. The author used Tomcat Version 3.3 because that appears to be the most stable, but any version greater than Version 3 should work.

Apache Xerces

Available at:

This is the XML parser that allows both Axis and SOAP to parse the XML in SOAP requests and responses along with the WSDL. Remember that you need Version 1.4.4 rather than one of the newer versions, such as Version 2.0.

Apache Web Server with SSL Encryption

Available at:

This version of Apache allows you to utilize SSL and create Certificate Signing Requests, which is important to the security examples in Chapter 10.

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