Appendix E: The MappingStrings Qualifier


MappingStrings is a qualifier which may, in principle, be attached to any CIM declaration, but which, in practice, is normally used to qualify a property. It is used to define an equivalence (a "mapping") between the property to which it is attached and a related property in another standard.

For example, as you would expect, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) has a number of standards related to "network pipes," for example, optical connections between devices. The DMTF description of a pipe contains the mof shown in Figure E.1 on the following page.

start figure
 [Version ("2.7.0"), Description (        "NetworkPipe is a subclass of EnabledLogicalElement, "        "representing the state and management of a "        "connection or trail between endpoints.  " ),     MappingStrings {"Recommendation.ITUM3100.Pipe",        "Recommendation.ITUM3100.TrailR1",        "Recommendation.ITUM3100.ConnectionR1",        "Recommendation.ITUM3100.SubNetworkConnection"} ] class CIM_NetworkPipe : CIM_EnabledLogicalElement {       [Description (           "Indicates whether the pipe is bi-directional "           "(value = 2), unidirectional (value = 3), or this "           "information is not known (value = 0). For "           "unidirectional pipes, the source and sink are "           "indicated by a property (SourceOrSink) of the "           "association, EndpointOfNetworkPipe."),        ValueMap {"0", "2", "3"},        Values {"Unknown", "Bi-Directional", "Unidirectional"},        MappingStrings            { "Recommendation.ITUM3100.Pipe.directionality"} ]    uint16 Directionality; 
end figure

Figure E.1: Example Usage of MappingStrings

This figure illustrates the MappingString qualifier on both a class (CIM_NetworkPipe) and a property (Directionality). In each case the mapping string itself consists of the name of the standards body (ITU in this case) followed by a vertical bar and then the definition of the property within the other standard. Although not shown in Figure E.1, a further vertical bar can be added to the string and then the version number of the other standard.

As Figure E.1 also shows, there may be more than one mapping string: perhaps a property appears in both an ITU and an IETF specification, in which case both strings would be present.

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