Firefox Command Options for Developers

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Firefox offers a few command-line options. Some are useful for developers, and having shortcuts for these options can make the process of developing an extension much easier.

The following table lists Firefox startup options.




Runs Firefox using the debugging console. The console provides error message output.

-contentLocale <locale>

Forces the locale to be the one specified in <locale>.

-CreateProfile <profile>

Creates a profile named <profile>.

-h or -help

Displays a list of Firefox command options.

-height <value>

Makes Firefox's window height equal to <value>. Also see -width.

-install-global-extension </path/to/extension>

Tells Firefox to install the extension pointed to by </path/to/extension> as a global (available to all users) extension.

-install-global-theme </path/to/theme>

Tells Firefox to install the theme pointed to by </path/to/theme> as a global (available to all users) theme.

-p <profile name>

Starts Firefox with the specified profile.

-profile <path/to/profile>

Starts Firefox with the profile pointed to by <path/to/profile>.


Starts Firefox with the Profile Manager.


Starts Firefox with the Profile Wizard.


Starts Firefox with all extensions disabled. This is used to recover from an extension that keeps Firefox from starting.


Starts Firefox, first displaying the Profile Select dialog box.

-UILocale <locale>

Forces the Firefox user interface to be the one for the specified locale.


Starts Firefox and displays the URL provided. This option does not use a dash prefix.

-v or -version

Prints the Firefox version.

-width <value>

Makes Firefox's window width equal to <value>. Also see -height.

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