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sampling,   [See Eyedropper]
Sascha Gates  
Save As window  
Save button (Configuration window)  
       in 5.2  
       whether printing means a change to document  
saving:at specified interval
        backups :saving at specified interval  
saving:default directory for saving and opening
       opening:default directory for saving and opening
               locations:default directory for saving and opening;paths:default directory for saving and opening;di  
saving:in 5.2 format
       saving:in Microsoft format
               Microsoft:saving automatically in MS format;StarOffice:saving automatically in 5.2 format  
saving:records in data sources
       data sources:saving new records
               records:new using forms;records:modifying using forms;editing:data sources using forms  
       setting (Draw)   2nd  
       images:scaling well
               graphics:scaling well;objects:scaling well;pictures:scaling well;rasters:scaling well;vectors:scalin  
               creating:scenarios in spreadsheets  
               deleting:scenarios in spreadsheets;removing:scenarios  
               modifying:scenarios in spreadsheets  
screen illustrations   [See also work area]
scripts:linking to
       macros:linking to  
scripts:showing and hiding indicators
       notes:showing and hiding script indicators  
scripts:WebCast options
       WebCast:script options
               Perl WebCast script options; ASP WebCast script options; Active Server Pages WebCast options  
       vertically and horizontally in Calc window split  
scrolling:marquee options
       marquees:repetition options  
scrolling:nonscrolling regions (Calc)
       spreadsheets:nonscrolling regions
               freezing:regions of spreadsheet  
scrunching a document onto one sheet of paper  
Search in field
       search setup  
search term for concordance
       Key1 for concordance
               match case for concordance;word only for concordance;alternative entry for concordance  
       Japanese search options  
searching:for document elements
       finding:document elements
               documents:finding elements in;documents:navigating through  
sections:creating (Writer)
       creating:sections (Writer)
               inserting:sections (Writer);sections:hiding;hiding:sections (Writer);sections:protecting;protecting:  
sections:linking to section in other document
       linking:sections in other document  
sections:using (Writer)
       documents:sections, using
               reusing content, sections;content reuse, sections  
security:protecting text from modification
       passwords:protecting text from modification
               text:protecting from modification;protecting:text from modification  
see-through,   [See invisible, transparency]
selecting:entire rows and columns
       selecting:all cells in sheet
               rows:selecting entire (Calc);columns:selecting entire (Calc);highlighting:entire rows, columns, and  
       printing only  
selection lists:selecting: cell data from pick list
       cells:selecting data from a pick list
               lists:selection list in Calc  
Send AutoAbstract to Presentation feature
       AutoAbstract:creating presentation using
               presentations:creating:Send AutoAbstract to Presentation  
Send Backward option  
Send Mail window  
Send Outline to Presentation feature
       presentations:creating:Send Outline to Presentation  
Send to Back option
       In Front of Object option
               Behind Object option  
sending:spreadsheet as email
       spreadsheets:sending as email
               email:sending spreadsheets;documents:sending as email  
       files installed  
servers: proxy server names , how to enter
       proxies: finding out what they are  
Set in Circle
       Distort feature  
               meta.xml;settings.xml;styles.xml;manifest.xml;DTDs:where stored;XML:DTD location  
settings:migrating from 5.2
       migrating:settings from 5.2
               configuration:migrating from 5.2  
       commercial colors for printing  
       printing options:Web:setting
               Web:printing:options; HTML:printing options   [See also printing options]
setup: table options, HTML documents
       tables: setup for HTML
               HTML: table setup for   2nd  
setup:3D display options
       graphics:3D display options
               3D:display options  
       presentations:setup before you begin  
setup:print options
       printing:setup options  
       security:setting up for documents
               passwords:for documents  
setup:source text options for HTML
       HTML:source text options setup
               source code:HTML, color setup;formatting:colors for HTML source  
shade mode:modifying for 3D object
       shadows:modifying for 3D object
               camera distance:modifying for 3D object; focal length:modifying for 3D object; Gouraud; Phong; Flat  
shadows:applying to objects using Area window (Draw)
       On option:shadows
               Position option:shadows; Distance field:shadows; Colors:shadows; transparency; shadows, applying to;   [See also transparency]
shadows:applying to objects using object bar (Draw)
       styles:applying graphics styles using object bar (Draw)  
sheets:creating a master sheet
       master sheets:creating
               creating:master spreadsheet;consolidating:spreadsheets;combining:spreadsheet data  
sheets:printing only selected
       spreadsheets:printing only selected sheets
               printing:selected sheets only  
Shift options, HTML table setup window
       Row field: HTML table setup window
               Column field: HTML table setup window; Insert row: HTML table setup window; fixed: HTML table setup   2nd  
shortcut keys
       macro, assigning to  
shortcut keys:assigning
       keyboard shortcuts:assigning  
shortcut keys:assigning to macro
       macros:assigning shortcut key to  
Show Changes window (Calc)  
Show measurement units option:dimension lines
       Below reference edge option:dimension lines
               Parallel option:dimension lines; Text position field:dimension lines; automatic:AutoVertical option,  
show sublevels
       sublevels, showing  
show sublevels field  
siframes file, starting converted presentation
       text0 file, starting converted presentation  
Single Step icon, using to run macro  
single-source documentation
       books:single-source documentation
single- user
               java   2nd  
size:display size (Impress, Draw)
       zooming:changing (Impress, Draw)
               display size:changing (Impress, Draw)  
Slide Design window:slide backgrounds
       Exchange background page option:slide backgrounds
               Remove unused master pages:slide backgrounds; backgrounds:unused, removing; backgrounds:replacing ol  
slide layouts:
       Load Slide Layout window:slide backgrounds
               Categories field:slide backgrounds; Templates field:slide backgrounds   [See also backgrounds]
Slide show window:running presentation
       Range options:running presentation
               From option:running presentation; To option:running presentation; Custom Slide Show option:running p  
slide transitions:
               slides:transitions, see transitions; effects:   [See also effects slide transitions slide transitions; special effects:see also effects; sounds:see also effects, slide transitions]
slide transitions:manual, switching to
       manual slide transition, specifying  
slide view
       rearranging slides in  
slide view:overview
       foregrounds:   [See also slide view]
               backgrounds:selecting (Impress); backgrounds:adding (Impress)   [See also backgrounds]
slides:columns, using
       columns:slides, using in  
slides:copying from any document:slide view
       copying:slide from any document:slide view  
slides:copying from same document:drawing view
       copying:slide from same document:drawing view  
slides:inserting and selecting layout
       inserting:slides and selecting layout
               layout:selecting for slide  
slides:inserting new empty
       inserting:slides, empty  
slides:inserting quickly
       inserting:slides, quickly  
slides:inserting:all slides in a document
       inserting:slides:all in document  
slides:inserting:using Insert feature
       inserting:slides:existing, using Insert feature  
slides:inserting:using Navigator
       Navigator:inserting existing slides
               inserting:slides:existing, using Navigator  
slides:making slide for each bulleted item
       expanding:slide into several
               bullets:making a slide for each bulleted item; promoting:bulleted items to heading  
slides:moving among using Navigator
       Navigator:moving among slides  
slides:printing hidden
       hidden slides, printing
               printing:hidden slides  
                reordering :   [See also rearranging]
               hiding:slides; showing:slides  
slides:summary slide, creating
               contents:   [See table of contents; table of contents:contents slide, creating]
slides:text, adding
       text:adding to slides  
smooth filter
       example   2nd  
Smooth Transition icon
       Symmetric Transition icon  
       snap points and lines, creating  
Snap position fields:snap setup
       When creating or moving objects option
               Extend edges option; When rotating option; Point reduction option  
Snap to Grid window
       grid:snap setup
               snap:grid snap setup; snap lines:setup; lines:snap lines setup; margins:snapping to; page margins:sn  
Snap to Object Borders icon
       Snap to Object Points icon
               snapping:object points and borders  
snap:illustration of features
       grid:illustration of features
               positioning:   [See also snap, grid; objects:positioning, see also snap, grid]
soft return
       return, soft  
       installation notes  
Solaris:system requirements
       system requirements:Solaris  
solarization filter:example
       inversion:solarization filter, example  
Sort List Options window (Calc)  
sort lists:deleting
       deleting:sort lists
               removing:sort lists  
sort lists:modifying
       modifying:sort lists
               changing:sort lists;reordering:sort lists  
sort lists:setting up
       filling:data in a specific order
               lists:sort list in Calc  
Sort window  
sorting,   [See also collating]
sorting:data sources using forms
       forms:sorting data sources using
               data sources:sorting using forms  
       playing (Impress)  
Source picture field:converting raster to polygon
       Vectorized image field:converting raster to polygon  
spaces: displaying or hiding in HTML documents
       protected spaces: displaying or hiding in HTML documents
               breaks: displaying or hiding in HTML documents  
spacing:around objects (Writer)
       graphics:space around (Writer)
               pictures:space around (Writer);drawings:space around (Writer); frames :space around (Writer);formulas:  
spacing:between numbers and text
       spacing:between bullets and text
               numbering:space to text;bullets:space to text  
       printers:spadmin location  
spearmint euphoria gum  
special effects:enabling (Impress)
       effects:enabling (Impress)
               enabling:effects (Impress)  
Special styles category\
speed of display, increasing  
spell check
spell check:adding dictionaries
       adding:dictionaries for spell check
               dictionaries:adding;words:adding to spell check;custom dictionary  
spell check:automatic
       automatic:spell check
spelling and language options
       language and spelling options
               options:language and spelling  
spiral arrowhead , creating  
       deleting from document (Writer)  
       editing in Writer  
spreadsheets:about sheets
spreadsheets:adding comments to changes
       changes:adding comments to (Calc)
               version control:comments, adding to changes  
spreadsheets:adding controls to
       controls:adding to spreadsheets  
spreadsheets:adding sheets
               adding:sheets to a spreadsheet;inserting:sheets into a spreadsheet  
spreadsheets:adding to Writer
       inserting:spreadsheets (Writer)  
spreadsheets:advanced techniques
               data:combining in spreadsheets:combining:spreadsheets  
               spreadsheets:formatting with AutoFormat;spreadsheets:jazzing up with AutoFormat;formatting:spreadshe  
spreadsheets:calculations in tables
       tables:spreadsheet calculations in
               calculations:spreadsheet-type in tables  
spreadsheets:converting to Writer tables
       tables:creating from spreadsheets
               converting:spreadsheets to Writer tables  
spreadsheets:DDE link in Writer (Windows only)
       DDE link to spreadsheet (Writer)
               link:to spreadsheet in Writer (Windows only)  
spreadsheets:deleting area names
       deleting:area names (Calc)  
spreadsheets:deleting sheets
spreadsheets:formula basics
       functions:in spreadsheets
spreadsheets:goal seek
       goal seek
               calculations: backwards to reach goals;backward:calculations with goal seek; variables :finding with go  
spreadsheets:headers and footers
spreadsheets:HTML, saving as
       HTML:converting spreadsheets to
               Calc:converting spreadsheets to HTML;documents:saving in HTML;HTML:saving documents in  
spreadsheets:importing text files
       text files:importing into Calc
               importing:text files into Calc;Calc:importing text files;delimiters;delimited text files, importing  
spreadsheets:naming areas
       areas:naming spreadsheet
               naming:spreadsheet areas;grouping:spreadsheet areas;sections:creating in spreadsheets;names:spreadsh  
       applications:openable with program
               files:formats openable with program;StarOffice:openable file formats; application  
               rows:expanding and contracting in Calc;columns:expanding and contracting in Calc  
spreadsheets:printing specific elements
       printing:specific spreadsheet elements  
spreadsheets:protecting cells
               cells:protecting;write-protecting:cells and sheets;cells:passwords:cell protection;sheets:password p  
spreadsheets:renaming sheets
spreadsheets:reordering sheets
spreadsheets:saving as text file
       text files:saving spreadsheets as
               saving:spreadsheet as text file  
               lists:dropdown lists in spreadsheets (scenarios);results:determining criteria for with scenarios;wha  
spreadsheets:setting change options
       change options, setting (Calc)  
spreadsheets:showing more sheets
       spreadsheets:navigating through sheets
               resizing:sheet area  
               columns:sorting (Calc)  
spreadsheets:subtotals in
       subtotals:in spreadsheets
               balance sheet (subtotals)  
spreadsheets:tips for using
       troubleshooting:spreadsheet tips  
spreadsheets:updating calculations
       updating:spreadsheet calculations
               calculations:updating in spreadsheets;refreshing:spreadsheet calculations  
spreadsheets:updating links
       updating:links in spreadsheets
               refreshing:links in spreadsheets  
spreadsheets:updating links to objects
       updating:links to objects in spreadsheets
               links:updating spreadsheet objects;refreshing:links to objects in spreadsheets  
spreadsheets\:overview of using as data source
       data sources\:spreadsheet, overview of using as  
       syntax for queries  
SQL Server
SQL:and controls
       forms:controls and SQL
               controls:SQL and forms;macros:events:forms and controls;macros:forms and controls  
SQL:query composition window
       queries:composition window  
SQL:query writing with SQL code
       queries:writing with SQL code  
       rectangles   [See also objects]
squares:drawing (Draw)
               ellipses:   [See ellipses]
Standard Filter window  
Standard option:printing options (Draw)
       Fit to page option:printing options (Draw)
               Tile pages option:printing options (Draw)  
Standard option:printing options (Impress)
       Fit to page option:printing options (Impress)
               Tile pages option:printing options (Impress)  
       browsing the Internet  
       learning,   [See Guided Tour]
       screen illustrations,   [See work area]
StarOffice Calc   [See Calc]
StarOffice Draw   [See Draw]
StarOffice Image   [See Image]
StarOffice Impress,   [See Impress]
StarOffice Schedule   [See Schedule, Schedule Server]
StarOffice Web   [See Web]
StarOffice Writer,   [See Writer]
StarOffice:beta, uninstalling first
       Beta StarOffice 6.0, uninstalling  
Staroffice:compared visually to
               compared visually to Staroffice  
StarOffice:default application for documents
       Word:opening files by default in StarOffice
               Excel:opening files by default in StarOffice  
Staroffice:differences from
               differences from Staroffice;differences between StarOffice and;features:differences b  
Staroffice:main features
       overview:of main features
               feature overview  
Staroffice:overview features
               feature overview  
StarOffice:still running running  
       vocabulary, StarOffice
               terms in StarOffice;wrapping text in cells;cells:wrapping text  
StarOffice52.dt file, changing HTML icons back
       dt file, changing HTML icons back  
STD (Writer task bar)
       ADD (Writer task bar)  
style catalog
       catalog, style  
Style field:lines (arrow ends)
       Width field:lines
               Center option:lines; Synchronize ends option:lines; Preview field:lines; arrows:   [See also lines]
style lists
       saving changes to a selected list  
       selecting different (lines and arrows)  
style lists:
       color palettes,
               colors:palettes,   [See also palettes]
style lists:gradients, hatches, and bitmaps, where stored
       gradients:style lists, where stored
               bitmaps:style lists, where stored; hatches:style lists, where stored  
       creating and modifying (Draw)  
       how they work (Writer)  
       modifying (Impress)  
       reusing in another document (Draw)  
       using in drawings  
       why you should use (Writer)  
styles:applying (Calc)
       styles:using (Calc)
               applying:styles (Calc)  
styles:applying (Impress)
               text:   [See also text, styles]
styles:applying to an object (Draw)
       objects: applying styles to (Draw)  
       spreadsheets:using styles
               formatting:with styles (Calc)  
               cell styles;spreadsheets:cell styles  
styles:changing categories of
       categories:moving styles between  
styles:changing for all new presentations
       templates:changing font styles for new presentations
               presentations:changing font styles for new presentations  
styles:character styles
       character formatting:styles  
styles:character, applying
       character formatting:styles, applying  
       character formatting:creating styles
               text:character styles  
styles:creating:character by drag & drop
       character formatting:creating styles by drag & drop  
       frames:styles, creating  
styles:creating:number and bullet
       numbering:styles, creating
               bullets:styles, creating  
styles:creating:number/bullet by drag & drop
       numbering:creating styles by drag & drop
               bullets:creating styles by drag & drop  
styles:creating:page (Writer)
       page:styles, creating (Writer)  
styles:creating:paragraph by drag & drop
       paragraphs:creating styles by drag & drop  
styles:frame, applying
       frames:styles, applying  
styles:HTML:creating and modifying
       HTML:styles:creating and modifying
               templates:HTML:creating and modifying;HTML:templates:creating and modifying; templates:HTML:reasons  
styles:icons in Stylist (Writer)
       Stylist:icons (Writer)  
               text:styles (Impress);objects:styles (Impress)  
styles:making available for other documents (Impress)
       templates:styles, making available in other documents (Impress)  
styles:making available to other documents
       troubleshooting:styles, making av ailable in other documents   2nd  
styles:modifying (Calc)
       modifying:styles (Calc)
               editing:styles (Calc)  
styles:modifying using drag & drop
       modifying:styles using drag & drop
               editing:styles using drag & drop;changing:styles using drag & drop  
styles:numbering and bullet
       overwriting styles
styles:page (Calc)
       pages:styles (Calc)
               page styles (Calc);spreadsheets:page styles;page layout:page styles (Calc)  
styles:page (Writer)
       pages:styles (Writer)
               page layout:styles (Writer)  
               paragraph formatting:styles  
styles:paragraph, applying
       paragraph formatting:styles, applying  
styles:reasons for using in Calc
       spreadsheets:styles, why useful  
styles:sharing between documents
       documents:sharing styles between
               loading:styles from another document;importing:styles from another document;templates:sharing styles  
styles:style catalog
styles:style lists, defined
       lists:style lists, defined
               style lists:defined  
styles:Stylist (Writer)
       Stylist (Writer)  
styles:tips for using
       tips:for using styles  
styles:updating paragraph
       updating:paragraph styles
               paragraphs:updating styles  
styles:using number with paragraph
       numbering:styles, using with paragraph styles
               bullets:styles, using with paragraph styles  
       formatting:styles (Writer)  
       styles:Stylist (Calc)  
Subtotals window   2nd  
subtracting (-) in formulas\
               subtracting in (-)  
       quick sum
               adding:cells automatically;totals:automatic;subtotals:automatic;calculations:automatic totals;spread  
       quick sum
               adding:cells quickly;totals:quick;subtotals:quick;calculations:quick totals;spreadsheets:quick total  
support   [See also troubleshooting]
       sversion.ini   2nd  
       airspeed of laden  
Synchronize axes option:grid setup: Size to grid option:grid setup
       Snap grid:grid setup  
               Access:syntax with ADO  
       MySQL:JDBC syntax  
system requirements  

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