Chapter 8: Backup and Recovery for High-Availability Environments

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To this point we have concentrated on the primary tools for achieving a sturdy high-availability (HA) database: RAC, Data Guard, and internal database features. These are technologies widely associated with HA-specific environments, and are typically researched, proofed, and rolled out by DBAs with specific HA requirements spelled out in front of them.

This chapter is a little different. Everyone takes backups (well, almost everyone). Everyone spends a certain amount of time fiddling with scripts that back up the database files in case of one kind of failure or the other. Backing up a database, it is commonly believed, is not an HA technique-backups are the fallback when the database has already gone down, is unavailable, and there is no other choice but to wait for the files to restore from a backup location. The very nature of backups is to accept that occasionally the database goes down. One could argue that, with a successfully integrated RAC and Data Guard solution in place, backups are an antiquated notion of the past.

We are here to change that perception.

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