Complete and Total Disaster

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Disaster struck Horatio's Woodscrews on a particularly wet spring day. Rain had been falling steadily for weeks in the city. The DBA was sleeping soundly, dreaming of data protection systems, when his pager began to beep. He called the number groggily, looking at the clock. It was the middle of the night.

A water main had busted near the Woodscrew building, and the basement had flooded. The basement held all of the database systems-the production Solaris box, the Sales RAC cluster, the test and dev servers, everything. The utility company was marking the area as a disaster area, and not letting anyone near the building.

All the servers were lost. The DBA had to think fast. Did they move the tape backups off-site, as was proposed a few months back? He could not remember, so he called the backup administrator. Did they have those old Solaris boxes they'd retired last year someplace? The DBA dialed the system administrator.

A conference call was put together in the middle of the night. Where were the archived tape backups? Were they moved to a different building? When was the last time the tapes were moved to the other location? How much data would be lost in the flood?

The questions flew around to the system administrator-Where could they find new systems to install Oracle? Would there be enough disk space without the SAN device? Should they contact the vendors to get emergency hardware shipped in?

Then the questions came to the DBA: Could we rebuild the data once the drives were salvaged from the flood? Could we hobble along on one of the older servers at the other office? How fast could he get Oracle installed, patched, and ready to start the file restore from the archive tapes?

And, finally, the ultimate question: Who's going to call the CEO and tell him what happened?

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