Chapter 5. Networking

    Section 5.1.  Hacks 49-58

    Hack 49.  Tweak DNS Settings for Faster Internet Access

    Hack 50.  Optimize Your Home Router

    Hack 51.  Troubleshoot Network Connections with ping, tracert, and pathping

    Hack 52.  Troubleshoot Network Connections with netsh, netstat, and ipconfig

    Hack 53.  Speed Up Network Browsing

    Hack 54.  Control Another PC with Remote Access

    Hack 55.  Make Servers Always Available by Mapping a Hostname to a Dynamic IP Address

    Hack 56.  Renew Your DHCP-Assigned IP Address

    Hack 57.  Repair a Broken TCP/IP Connection

    Hack 58.  VoIP Hacks

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