Another Look

At the start of this chapter, I mentioned how layers are often used by other applications. I've included a complex layered image for you to explore called Ch08_Video-Awards.psd. This is a graphic that has been prepared for video and it uses nonsquare pixels, which were added in Photoshop CS. This graphic (and its 12 layers) is ready to import into Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion where it can be animated for television. Feel free to explore this graphic on your own to see another approach to designing with layers.

Layer Comps

Photoshop CS introduced Layer Comps. These allow you to memorize combinations of layer visibility, opacity, and position. This can be useful for storing multiple designs inside one document. When experimenting with layouts, you'll often have several options in one document. You might set the headline in three different typefaces and try the main photo in two different positions. Using Layer Comps allows you to set up different options within one document (instead of having to save and keep track of several).

Video Training

Layer Comps


Open the file Ch08_LayerComps.psd to learn more.


Make sure the Layer Comps window is visible. If not choose Windows > Layer Comps.


Click the forward triangle to Apply Next Selected Layer Comp. Click through and examine the different layer comps.


For Layer Comp 1, move the words around onscreen to a new position.


Click the Update Layer Comp Button at the bottom of the Layer Comps window (it looks like two arrows in a circle),


Switch to Layer Comp 2. On the layer called This is, click the visibility icon next to the Layer Style Outer Glow. A black glow should be added.


Click the Create New Layer Comp button (it looks like a pad of paper) on the bottom edge of the Layer Comps Window. Name it Comp 2 Alternate.


Let's Save a copy of each Layer Comp to send to a client. Choose File > Scripts > Layer Comps to PDF. Photoshop creates a new PDF with all four Layer Comps in one document. This is a convenient way to email the project to a client for review.

Layer Comps are a bit confusing at first, but as you master what layers can do, you'll turn to Layer Comps for flexibility. Be sure to check out the Adobe Help Center for more on Layer Comps.

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