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Calculations command
     Layer Masks created with
     selections created with
Camera RAW dialog box 2nd
Canvas Size command
Carroll, Lewis
CDs [See also DVDs.]
     importing images from
Chalk & Charcoal filter
Channel Mixer command
     Layer Masks and
     selection techniques
     spot color
Channels palette 2nd 3rd
Character palette 2nd
     anti-alias menu
     baseline settings
     font settings
     horizontal scale
     kerning adjustment
     language selection menu
     leading adjustment
     text color
     tracking adjustment
     type enhancement buttons
     vertical scale
Charcoal filter
Check Spelling command 2nd
Chrome filter
Cineon file format
Clipping Masks 2nd
clipping paths
Clone Stamp tool
     retouching by
Clouds filter
CMYK color mode
     converting files to
     printing files in
coffee table books
Color Balance command
color correction
     Auto commands
     Brightness/Contrast command
     Channel Mixer command
     Color Balance command
     colorcast issues and
     Curves command
     dramatic effects and
     Equalize command
     Exposure adjustment
     filtering and
     general advice about
     Gradient Map and
     Hue/Saturation command
     Invert image adjustment
     Levels command
     manual adjustments
     Match Color command
     Photo Filters and
     Posterize command
     primary image adjustments
     problematic adjustments
     Replace Color command
     Selective Color command
     Shadow/Highlight command
     Threshold command
     tinting process and
     Variations command
Color Dynamics
Color Halftone filter
Color Libraries
Color Management options
color options
     Adobe Color Picker
     Color palette 2nd
     Eyedropper tool
     Swatches palette 2nd
Color Overlay effect
Color Palette 2nd
Color Picker
Color Range command
     colors selected with 2nd
     Layer Masks created with
Color Replacement tool
color separations
colorcast issues
Colored Pencil filter
commands [See also specific commands.]
     Adobe PDF
     JPEG 2nd
compression artifacts
Conditional Mode Change command
Contact Sheet II command
Conté Crayon filter
Contour settings
Control Points
Cooling Filters
copyright issues
Craquelure filter
Create Droplet command
Crop and Straighten Photos command
Crop tool
cropping images
     keyboard shortcuts for
     nondestructive cropping
     perspective cropping
     power crop
Crosshatch filter
Crystallize filter
Curves command
     color correction and
     Levels command vs
Custom filter
Custom Shape tool
custom shapes
Custom Shapes Picker 2nd
Cutout filter

Understanding. AdobeR PhotoshopR. Digital Imaging Concepts and Techniques
Understanding Adobe Photoshop: Digital Imaging Concepts and Techniques
ISBN: 0321368983
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 129

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