Lesson 1. Creating a Basic Presentation

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This lesson takes approximately 1 hour to complete.


Choose a theme


Use master slides


Create an outline to build a presentation


Work with the Inspector window


Work with the Font panel


Check for spelling errors

Keynote, included in iWork '06, is Apple's program for creating dynamic presentations. With Keynote, you can build presentations that include text, photos, audio, and video to inform and entertain your audience. Learning how to add and integrate a variety of elements is essential to building a dynamic presentation.

You will start your work in Keynote by creating a basic Keynote presentation. You will first choose a theme to apply to your presentation. Next, you will outline your presentation to create its structure and begin adding text content. Then, using the Inspector and other windows, you will make adjustments to the layout of the text. You'll also learn how to catch spelling errors before you stand at the front of an audience.

Keynote allows you to create attractive slides by adding your content to well-designed templates.

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Apple Training Series: iWork 06 with iLife 06
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