Choosing a Template

When designing a brochure in Pages, you have two choices: Classic Brochure and Three Panel Brochure. The two are very similar well-designed templates. You are going to choose Three Panel Brochure as it most closely resembles other ADA brochures, but you'll depart significantly from the template to match existing marketing materials that the American Diabetes Association already uses.


Launch Pages.

The Theme Chooser should open by default; if it doesn't, choose File > New.


In the Theme Chooser, select the Marketing category; then click Three Panel Brochure and click Choose.

A new untitled document based on the template is created.


In the toolbar, click the Pages menu and choose Cover without Mailer to add a new page with this format.

This page will be the outside of your brochure.


From the Pages menu, choose Inside with 1 Banner Photo.

This page will be the inside of your brochure.

Your brochure now has four pagesthe original one and the two you just added. You need to remove the unnecessary pages.


Click the View button and choose Show Page Thumbnails.

You can now see a thumbnail of each page in your document.


Select the first page thumbnail and press Delete to remove it from the document. Then click Delete to confirm that you want to remove the page from your document.


Repeat the deletion for the last page (now page 3).


Choose File > Save. Name the file Tour Brochure and store it on your local hard drive.

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