Choosing a Template

When you first launch Pages, you are presented with the Template Chooser. The Template Chooser gives you access to professionally designed templates (and any templates you have saved). Templates contain formatting and layout settings to help you present your information and offer a quick way to get a project started.

The Template Chooser contains templates useful for business, marketing, creative, and educational purposes. You can edit templates to include new content, as well as modify color and font styles. Examining templates also gives you a good idea of what is possible using Pages.

Selecting a template is easy:


If the Template Chooser is not already displayed on your screen, choose File > New.


Select a template. For this exercise, click the Newsletters category and then select the Modern Newsletter in the Template Chooser window.


Click Choose to open a new document based on the template.


Choose File > Save and name the file Gym Newsletter; store the file on your local hard drive.

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