Believe It

Love should be the foundation from which everything else in your life is built. Take, for example, Derek Redmond, a British runner in the 400-meter race at the 1992 Olympics. Derek was leading at the first turn when a sharp pain in the back of his right thigh threw him to the track in agony with a torn hamstring muscle. Pure determination and desire caused Derek to get up and continue the race with no hope of winning a medal. But the tenacity of this dedicated runner couldnt get him to the finish line alonehis father, Jim, left his seat in the stands, pushed aside the security guards , and made his way to his son on the track. Arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder, father and son got to the finish line, which Jim allowed Derek to cross on his own. Derek Redmond finished the race to a standing ovation , and even though he didnt win a medal that day, he and his father taught the world about the power of love.

Love, when shared, makes us all winners because its concerned with giving and not taking. Love is the nature of God, and when you become more concerned with helping others achieve their goals, you find that things begin to work out for you, too. Making a quality decision to walk in love will propel you to a life of never-ending achievement.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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