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Integrity is the platform from which you should build all your relationshipswith friends , relatives, clients , spouses, children, colleagues, and even animals. Never compromise by cheating and doing wrong, because in the end, it will destroy you. Integrity has to be what fuels your life. If youre good only because youre paid to be good, when the money runs out, so will your integrity.

Are you more concerned with receiving a paycheck than doing your job with excellence? Do you fulfill your commitments to yourself and others? When faced with the temptation to do wrong, do you choose the right path ? Integrity is a part of good characterif people cant count on you to do what you say youll do, you wont be taken seriously.

Identify one person you know who has maintained integrity during times when it would have been easier for them to make a different choice. What can you do to emulate that behavior? What steps can you take in your personal life to build your integrity? Before you can improve integrity where other people are concerned, you must build it in yourself. So set a standard for yourself in every area, from finances to relationships, and stick to it. Youll feel better about yourself and build your character when you commit to live a life of integrity.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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