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absolute methods
absolute URIs
accept( ) method
        ServerSocket class 2nd
        ServerSocketChannel class 2nd 3rd
Activatable class
addBodyPart( ) methods (Multipart class)
addFrom( ) method (Message class)
addHeader( ) method (Part interface)
addHeaderLine( ) method (MimePart interface)
addRequestProperty( ) method (URLConnection class)
address types
addresses 2nd
        Address class
all-routers. mcast .net
allocate methods (Buffer classes)
allocate( ) method (ByteBuffer class)
allocateDirect( ) method (ByteBuffer class)
anonymous ports
appendMessages( ) method (Folder class)
Apple Macintosh support of Java
Applet .class files, storage of
applets and security
application layer
ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers)
asymmetric encryption
attachment( ) method (SelectionKey class)
Attribute class' predefined attributes
AttributeSet interface
        asymmetric encryption, using for
        HTTP authentication, URL class
        JavaMail API and JPasswordField from Swing
        JavaMail API and passwords
Authenticator class
        inherited methods
        requestPasswordAuthentication( ) method
        setDefault( ) method
Authenticator class (javax.mail.Authenticator)
Authenticator subclass (Swing)
available( ) method (InputStream class)


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