Chapter 2. The User Interface

Section 2.1.   Hacks #8-20

Hack  8.   Customize the GUI with TweakUI

Hack  9.   Control the Control Panel

Hack  10.   Hack the Start Menu and Taskbar

Hack  11.   Clean Up the Most Frequently Used Programs List

Hack  12.   Rename and Change "Unchangeable" Desktop Icons and System Objects

Hack  13.   Remove "Unremovable" Desktop Icons

Hack  14.   Create Your Own XP Themes and Find Thousands Online

Hack  15.   Give XP a Makeover with WindowBlinds

Hack  16.   Hacking Your Way Through the Interface

Hack  17.   Remove "Uninstallable" XP Utilities

Hack  18.   Create Transparent Windows

Hack  19.   Make Your Own Cursors and Icons

Hack  20.   Windows XP to Windows 2000: Retro is Cool

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