Troubleshooting Data Connections

Data connection errors are one of the most troubling elements for dynamically driven websites. Problems will occur. Actually, inexplicable enigmatic problems will occur that can only be solved using the arcane art of exception error numerology. OK, a bit of an exaggeration, but tracking down a data connection problem is actually a hybrid of science and art. When a data connection error occurs, your web page will most likely bomb. In most cases, it will bomb and display an error message. That error message will undoubtedly have an error number and an explanation. In most cases, that explanation will mean next to nothing to you. However, the number is the clue. Start with that error number and comb through documentation and websites. In almost all cases, someone else has received that exact same error message and has already deciphered it. Have faith that their experience and solution have been documented- all you have to do is find it. Not to completely leave you out in the cold, the following section lists some of the more common data connection problems and provides a few solutions.


If your web page bombs but you do not see an error message, the most likely reason is that the page has bombed in the middle of writing an HTML tag. This means the error message is there-it's just hidden in the source code of the page. To view the error message, choose View ® Source in your browser, and scan to the bottom of the source code page. You should find the error message there.

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