Accept the Status Quo...for Now

Accept the Status Quo for Now

New programmers who are hired to work in a shop using an older version of the language are obviously obligated to learn that older version. Don t grumble about it ”that insults your older colleagues. Learn what you must with good grace.

New programmers can almost certainly be taught the older language of the shop with a small amount of in-house training. The many working production programs in the company library and the company databases are the models for this education, together with a comprehensive programming standard manual.

If you find yourself being taught a language that you think is antiquated, keep you mouth shut and cheerfully apply yourself to the task. You re part of a team. You accepted the job. There s time enough for rocking the boat later, after you ve proved yourself and built your relationships.

And here s a note to old guard programmers who are uncomfortable with the invasion of younger programmers touting the new languages: Remember that learning new languages is a good way to avoid being classified as a dodo and the best way to gain a rsum that will command respect in the job market when you need to find another job. It may take only a matter of days of education for you, the experienced programmer, to get up to a reasonable level of competence in the new programming language ”a level that will give you the capacity to maintain a key program in the new language in an emergency.

So when new programmers come into your shop, don t be too lethargic or too busy to take whatever classes in the new languages your manager offers. This is your opportunity to learn a new language

Slipping Into a New Corporate Culture

one program at a time, modeling your techniques after the production program in the new language. And don t be too stiff-necked to ask for help from a newcomer whose language expertise is more current than yours.

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$$ The Bottom Line $$

Slip into your new company s culture gracefully. Pay attention to the boundaries your manager and his manager have set up, refrain from coming on like a hotshot, and cheerfully set out to learn whatever new (or old) languages your manager needs you to learn. You ll build lasting relationships with your co-workers when you do.

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