Don t Be the Arrogant Newbie

Dont Be the Arrogant Newbie

When you start your new job, pay attention to the vibes youre giving-off. Whenever a newcomer signs on, the established programmers in the department inevitably take stock, get ready for comparisons. Nobody welcomes a hotshot who might show him up as lazy or unproductive. And if the hotshot is not only talented but sharp-edged, collegiality between the newcomer and the veterans never takes hold.

So watch out that you dont convey condescension in any of your dealings with your new co-workers . Dont try to loosen up a decorous office with the freewheeling bluntness you prized in your old shop. And hold off on testing the company ways until youve gained some experience in your new environment and know that youre considered a valuable employee. Its important that you adopt your new companys IT culture and standards before attempting to dazzle your manager and your colleagues with your skills and try to change the way they operate .

How to Become a Highly Paid Corporate Programmer
How to Become a Highly Paid Corporate Programmer
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