Did the impending sense of programming power make you dizzy while reading? You no doubt experienced a thrill akin to a roller coaster ride while reading this chapter. Think about it. There is a way to do basically whatever you want programmatically as long as you are capable of coding it up in concert with all the power of SQL Server Analysis Services 2005. Consider what you learned in the three sections of this chapter; in the first section you learned how to create a COM UDF and how to use them in MDX queries. In the second section on .NET UDFs you learned how to create stored procedures using the object models AMO and ADOMD Server. In the third section, you learned under what circumstances COM UDF is preferred over a .NET UDF. Most importantly you can use the MDX objects on the server using the ADOMD Server Object model which is only available for .NET UDFs. With the help of the UDFs you can now perform any custom operations that you need to in your multi-dimensional database. You have so far learned to design and refine your databases. In the next chapter you will learn the intricacies of updating underlying UDM data on dimensions as well as cells.

Professional SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 with MDX
Professional SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 with MDX (Programmer to Programmer)
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