Chapter 16: The Taj MaHowell


"There is nothing worse in our type of company than executives being isolated, being insulated in their headquarters offices. Of course, there must be executive offices, which is why a general should always have his own tent. But otherwise senior managers should reside in an everyday environment with their troops. How could they lead otherwise ? This is only common sense."

”Mil Batten

In Dallas, it was apparent that Penney's executive ranks had significantly changed from the traditional New York makeup . Like Gale Duff-Bloom, most of the new brass had migrated from the field under Howell. And all of these people, of course, praised the financial and operational soundness of the Dallas move. They also spread the idea that the move eliminated "dead-wood," building a company more in synch with itself.

On the other hand, veteran buyers and merchandising executives moving on to other employment in New York City had a different take. As she moved into her new office at Macy's, former Penney senior buyer Lucille Klein said, "Oh, it'll be pretty funny , all right. Watch when the contracts start expiring, and see those so-called buyers start to panic."

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