Business Problem

The customer is a large, progressive credit union with a growing personal and business client base approaching 100,000 members. They offer a full set of services including banking, loans, mortgages, retirement funds, brokerage, and financial planning.

Problem Statement

The customer relationship group in the credit union maintains their customer information in a commercial customer relationship management (CRM) system. They would like to track various pieces of information about their clients over time, but the CRM system maintains only a snapshot of the current status of their clients. Data is uploaded from the CRM system once per month into a data warehouse. The CRM system does not indicate what data has changed, and the data in the data warehouse is simply overwritten.

The credit union also receives monthly feeds of all the customer transactions for the preceding month from a central service provider. However, the CRM system and the financial transaction system feed are independent. The transactions contain an account number and a transaction date that could be used to determine the value of the client attributes at the time of the transaction, but this is of little analytic value because the data warehouse contains CRM data for only one period. No existing facility enables users to easily generate analytic reports that combine data from both systems and provide a view of any point in history. It is not even possible to reprint a previous report with the same data after more than one month, because the data has been replaced.

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