XML Publishing with AxKit

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XML Publishing with AxKit
By Kip  Hampton
Publisher : O'Reilly
Pub Date : June 2004
ISBN : 0-596-00216-5
Pages : 216
        Who Should Read This Book
        What's Inside
        Conventions Used in This Book
        Using Code Examples
        How to Contact Us
        Chapter 1.   XML as a Publishing Technology
        Section 1.1.   Exploding a Few Myths About XML Publishing
        Section 1.2.   XML Basics
        Section 1.3.   Publishing XML Content
        Section 1.4.   Introducing AxKit, an XML Application Server for Apache
        Chapter 2.   Installing AxKit
        Section 2.1.   Installation Requirements
        Section 2.2.   Installing the AxKit Core
        Section 2.3.   Installing AxKit on Win 32 Systems
        Section 2.4.   Basic Server Configuration
        Section 2.5.   Testing the Installation
        Section 2.6.   Installation Troubleshooting
        Chapter 3.   Your First XML Web Site
        Section 3.1.   Preparation
        Section 3.2.   Creating the Source XML Documents
        Section 3.3.   Writing the Stylesheet
        Section 3.4.   Associating the Documents with the Stylesheet
        Section 3.5.   A Step Further: Syndicating Content
        Chapter 4.   Points of Style
        Section 4.1.   Adding Transformation Language Modules
        Section 4.2.   Defining Style Processors
        Section 4.3.   Dynamically Choosing Style Transformations
        Section 4.4.   Style Processor Configuration Cheatsheet
        Chapter 5.   Transforming XML Content with XSLT
        Section 5.1.   XSLT Basics
        Section 5.2.   A Brief XSLT Cookbook
        Chapter 6.   Transforming XML Content with XPathScript
        Section 6.1.   XPathScript Basics
        Section 6.2.   The Template Hash: A Closer Look
        Section 6.3.   XPathScript Cookbook
        Chapter 7.   Serving Dynamic XML Content
        Section 7.1.   Introduction to eXtensible Server Pages
        Section 7.2.   Other Dynamic XML Techniques
        Chapter 8.   Extending AxKit
        Section 8.1.   AxKit's Architecture
        Section 8.2.   Custom Plug-ins
        Section 8.3.   Custom Providers
        Section 8.4.   Custom Language Modules
        Section 8.5.   Custom ConfigReaders
        Section 8.6.   Getting More Information
        Chapter 9.   Integrating AxKit with Other Tools
        Section 9.1.   The Template Toolkit
        Section 9.2.   Providing Content via Apache::Filter
        Appendix A.   AxKit Configuration Directive Reference
        Section A.1.   AxCacheDir
        Section A.2.   AxNoCache
        Section A.3.   AxDebugLevel
        Section A.4.   AxTraceIntermediate
        Section A.5.   AxDebugTidy
        Section A.6.   AxStackTrace
        Section A.7.   AxLogDeclines
        Section A.8.   AxAddPlugin
        Section A.9.   AxGzipOutput
        Section A.10.   AxTranslateOutput
        Section A.11.   AxOutputCharset
        Section A.12.   AxExternalEncoding
        Section A.13.   AxAddOutputTransformer
        Section A.14.   AxResetOutputTransformers
        Section A.15.   AxErrorStylesheet
        Section A.16.   AxAddXSPTaglib
        Section A.17.   AxIgnoreStylePI
        Section A.18.   AxHandleDirs
        Section A.19.   AxStyle
        Section A.20.   AxMedia
        Section A.21.   AxAddStyleMap
        Section A.22.   AxResetStyleMap
        Section A.23.   AxAddProcessor
        Section A.24.   AxAddDocTypeProcessor
        Section A.25.   AxAddDTDProcessor
        Section A.26.   AxAddRootProcessor
        Section A.27.   AxAddURIProcessor
        Section A.28.   AxResetProcessors
        Section A.29.   <AxMediaType>
        Section A.30.   <AxStyleName>

XML Publishing with AxKit
XML Publishing with Axkit
ISBN: 0596002165
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 109
Authors: Kip Hampton

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