Section 2.5. SQL Server Profiler

2.5. SQL Server Profiler

SQL Trace captures database-engine events in real time to a trace file. Traces are based on event class instances that you choose to monitor. Trace information is used to monitor and assess performance, audit activity, and debug SQL statements and stored procedures. Traces are usually managed and accessed through SQL Server Profiler, a graphical user interface to SQL Trace.

SQL Server Profiler lets you create and manage traces, create trace templates, and replay trace results. With SQL Server Profiler, you can monitor how queries are resolved and capture SQL Server events from the Database Engine or Analysis Services to a trace file for analysis. You can later replay the trace events to help diagnose problems.

You launch SQL Server Profiler in one of three ways:

  • Select Start All Programs Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Performance Tools SQL Server Profiler from the taskbar.

  • SQL Server Profiler.

  • SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) provides classes that can be used to create and manage traces for SQL Server or Analysis Server. They are discussed in detail in Chapter 12.

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