SqlTransaction marshal by reference, disposable

SqlTransaction marshal by reference, disposable

System.Data.SqlClient (system.data.dll) sealed class

This class encapsulates a client-initiated database transaction. You can start a transaction, provided you have an open connection, by calling the SqlConnection.BeginTransaction( ) method, which returns a SqlTransaction object. The SqlTransaction class implements the System.Data.IDbTransaction interface, and its members are described in that section of the reference.

You can also use the Save( ) method to create a savepoint, which is similar to a nested transaction. (This method is equivalent to Transact -SQL SAVE TRANSACTION statement.) You must supply a string that names the savepoint. You can then roll back the transaction to an intermediate point using the overloaded version of the Rollback( ) method that accepts the savepoint name . Savepoints are useful when you want to be able to roll back part of the transaction without canceling the entire transaction.

 public sealed class  SqlTransaction  : MarshalByRefObject , System.Data.IDbTransaction, IDisposable {  // Public Instance Properties  public SqlConnection  Connection  {get; }     public IsolationLevel  IsolationLevel  {get; }  // implements System.Data.IDbTransaction   // Public Instance Methods  public void  Commit  (  );  // implements System.Data.IDbTransaction  public void  Dispose  (  );  // implements IDisposable  public void  Rollback  (  );  // implements System.Data.IDbTransaction  public void  Rollback  ( string   transactionName   );      public void  Save  ( string   savePointName   );   } 


System.Object figs/u2192.gif System.MarshalByRefObject figs/u2192.gif SqlTransaction(System.Data.IDbTransaction, System.IDisposable)

Returned By

SqlCommand.Transaction , SqlConnection.BeginTransaction( )

Passed To

SqlCommand.{SqlCommand( ) , Transaction}

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